Somewhere between your favorite start up, cult, and street performance.

LifeMaster™ Teaser


This all began during my last year of undergrad in 2014 when I came into contact with a mysterious space-being which bestowed me with some of its power. That power became LifeMaster™.

The first message LifeMaster ever sent me took form of a drawing.
This was that drawing.

Since it's inception LifeMaster™ has come and gone in little and small ways, but it never dies, just multiplies. The goal of LifeMaster is to spread its ideology by infiltrating the culture of other space beings. While on Earth, LifeMaster has gathered the information in my brain and outputs it as an art practice and brand identity. LifeMaster creates art objects, gatherings, and consumer products to get people to join the LifeMaster™ LifeStyle™. These deliverables bait people into joining our shared belief system are referred to as LifeMasterBait.


Every LifeMasterShirts™ are blessed with the power of Finesse. Each one came through dripping in one of the LifeMasterEnergies; Water, Tree, Fire, Dust, and of course, Magic.

LifeMasterTransmitter: Andy Frogg

I knew what I had to do. I began planning Seminars at local galleries and assuming the alter ego of Andy Frogg. As Andy Frogg I had a direct connection with the LifeMaster HQ in space via an aluminum ear piece. When I was Andy I would feel so much LifeMasterMagic coursing through my soul I would totally lose my sense of self. It was all LifeMaster taking me away.


This was by far one of the most successful LifeMasterSeminars. Thank You all who participated and bought LifeMasterShirts.

I couldn't keep LifeMaster to myself. I was lost, so worried about the world and school, but after LifeMaster™ I was found, I could take on anything. LifeMaster™ showed me the way, and I knew I had the power to show others LifeMaster too.

Andy Frogg preparing to get slapped.